the moon for her nights, the sun for her days

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ntb supporters

my supporters are everything to me, without you nudaun wouldn't exist. thank you to each and everyone of you beautiful people for being loyal ntb gals. 

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small shops I adore

When you shop small you are helping an actual person, you are creating a community and making someone smile. Take it from me, whenever I make a sale I smile so much I start to dance. Small shops support their families, they grocery shop, they’re able to make their child’s birthday so happy with the profits they make. So this year consider helping a small shop. If you can’t make a purchase because hey it’s 2020 support by liking, sharing, saving and commenting on their posts. A little goes a long way especially during these hard times. This is not only a small list of some of my favorite little shops and ways to donate this season but some of...

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